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Simon Nabatov - Matthias Schubert


"Entanglements" on Acheulian Handaxe Records 2023

The two musicians met in New York in 1984, thanks to the mutual friend, the German drummer Ernst Bier. They jammed a lot, exchanged musical ideas and gradually developed a common language and understanding that still hold true today. Since Nabatov moved to Cologne in 1989, they played in many ad-hoc bands and their own projects. The Matthias Schubert Quartet (with Lindsey Horner on bass and Tom Rainey on drums) has performed extensively and released three CDs ("For Thieves and Lovers" in 1992, "Blue and Grey Suite" in 1995 and "Momentum" in 2000). Around that time the Schubert/Nabatov duo was formed, with numerous performances and the CD "Descriptions", released in 2013. Matthias Schubert can be heard on Nabatov's quintet CD "Roundtrip", the septet recording "Time Labyrinth" and the quintet recording “No Kharms Done”, among others, as well as in the collective trio "Square Down" with Ernst Reijseger – all released on the British label Leo Records. In addition, the duo has published two Bandcamp releases - "Fragment" 2020 (live recording from Cologne LOFT) and "Old Sins" 2021 (a recovered recording from 1993), both available on simonnabatov.bandcamp.com. „Entanglements“ is their new release, this time on the New York-based label Acheulian Handaxe (handaxe.org), run by the German experimental musician Hans Tammen. On this album the duo expands the sonic landscapes of their musical encounters through addition of live electronics.


"Milky Way" excerpt



"Durcheinander" excerpt


"Freeze" excerpt



"Shift" excerpt


"Slow Aerosol" excerpt



"Scratch" excerpt