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"Nature Morte"


Phil Minton (voice), Frank Gratkowski (reeds), Nils Wogram (trombone) and Simon Nabatov (piano).

Simon Nabatov Quartet

Nils Wogram, Frank Gratkowski, Simon Nabatov, Phil Minton

In the season 1998 -1999 Simon Nabatov was commissioned by WDR Cologne and Bayer AG to write and perform a four-part series of concerts: solo, duo, trio and quartet settings were chosen. All of the projects have been recorded in LOFT Studio Cologne. For the last project Nabatov decided to concentrate on the less obvious, less "jazzy" , more chamber music approach. The piece, titled "Nature Morte" is based on the poem of the same name by the great russian-born poet Joseph Brodsky, a Nobel Prize reciepient.Nabatov's affinity for the work of this giant has several reasons: certain parallels in the biographies, the themes and the manner in which Brodsky looks the most important issues straight in the face. The piece consists of 10 parts (just like the poem). The "cast" of the performers could not be better chosen for this particular task: the unique, amazing Phil Minton, carrying the word and at the same time participating in the instrumental events, is in the center of the "proceedings". The two brilliant musicians from Cologne, Frank Gratkowski and Nils Wogram are on equal footing throughout - both are among the most creative fresh new voices in European improvised music. The band has toured number of times in Europe. The recording of the piece has been released on the Leo Records in March of 2001.

"Nature Morte"

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