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Simon Nabatov Trio

with Stefan Schoenegg (bass) and Dominik Mahnig (drums)



The new edition of the Simon Nabatov Trio, with two of the finest young musicians of the Cologne scene.

The trio released the CD "Picking Order" in August 2016 on the Leo Records.



"Picking Order" LR 765




Simon Nabatov - Barry Guy - Gerry Hemingway



Another exciting addition to the trio list, this band came together in Fall 2015, with mutual chemistry immediately evident and sparks of creativity flying all over. Barry Guy and Gerry Hemingway have been shaping the history of improvised and composed music for decades now.

The 2 nights in Cologne's LOFT have been documented and a CD release is scheduled for early 2018.



with André de Cayres (bass) and Rodrigo Villalón (drums)


Another new trio, this band plays exclusively Brazilian music - written both by the great masters of the genre and by Simon Nabatov himself, whose long-time passion for this music, culture and language gets here the perfect vehicle for its expression.

Born in São Paulo, André de Cayres is a veteran of the scene, playing Brazilian, Latin and Jazz music in countless bands on both acoustic and electric basses. Rodrigo Villalón, who grew up in Colombia, brings to the mix his cultural experiences, knowledge and fire. Both musicians also reside in Cologne these days.


Simon Nabatov - Mark Dresser - Dominik Mahnig




Trio which, once again, saw its premiere in Cologne's LOFT - Nabatov's "musical living room" - in 2014.

Following year the CD "Equal Poise" was released on Leo Records.


"Equal Poise" LR 745


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