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Ensemble "Roundup"


Nils Wogram
Matthias Schubert
Ernst Reijseger
Tom Rainey
Simon Nabatov


In December of 2009 Simon Nabatov realized a three-part project "Roundup" involving four of his favorite musical partners. Four concerts and three recordings were the result of this one-week event.

The first one, the CD "Roundup" was released on Leo Records in 2010






Ensemble "Futurrr..."


Jaap Blonk
Frank Gratkowski
Marcus Schmickler
Gerry Hemingway
Simon Nabatov



In 2010 S. Nabatov was commissioned by MusikTriennale Cologne to write a large-scale piece.

Once again he turned to the Russian literature as the source of inspiration, this time the Russian Futurists.

The result, an almost 90 minute long program "Gilea Revisited" is based on selected texts of Velimir Khlebnikov, Vladimir Mayakowsky, Vasily Kamensky and Aleksey Kruchenykh.


watch videos here



Quintet "Master and Margarita"


Herb Robertson (trumpet), Mark Feldman (violin), Mark Helias or Drew Gress (bass), Tom Rainey (drums) and Simon Nabatov (piano)

Simon Nabatov

Herb Robertson

Mark Feldman

Drew Gress

Tom Rainey


In 1997 Nabatov was commissioned by NDR Hamburg to write a piece based on a "classical" work of Russian literature.

He chose one of the masterpieces of the 20th century - "The Master and Margarita" by Michail Bulgakov.

A 10-part suite resulted. Each part follows closely the "plot" of the book without being strictly "programmatic", thus allowing each musician enough room for creative "free associating".

The band toured Europe In October 1997 and recorded the music for WDR Cologne in January 1999.

Leo Records has released the double CD in October of 2001.

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